Two weeks ago, the touch screen on my phone sputtered out. I hate purchasing phones and did not want to buy a new phone until I absolutely had to. It’s mostly talking to the sales people, who are always  incredibly kind, but this is an introvert struggle if there ever was one.  Please just give … Continue reading iFailed


The Thrice Ordered Gift and Other Things

Therapy has been pretty intense for the last few weeks. I wish that I could adequately describe what depression feels like. Sometimes it's overwhelming sadness, consuming rage, exhaustion, shock or any combination of these states. This summer has primarily consisted of the following activities: journal, read, cry, sleep, go to appointments, repeat. I haven't done … Continue reading The Thrice Ordered Gift and Other Things


*Trigger warning- there will be sexual abuse discussed in this post. Please use discretion prior to reading.* In the last few weeks I have been to 2 lingerie showers and 2 weddings. I love these people, y'all, but I've hit my threshold. I like the food, the games, and watching the ladies open the gifts. … Continue reading Salty